My name is Karl Viger. I am a biomechanics expert, a teacher, an author, a naturopath and a healer.

I own and operate a Wellness Centre that treats everything from chronic pain to depression and anxiety.

Helping people has been my true calling. It took me a very long time to realize this. I am currently in the process of hiring and training others to do what I do through my clinic Humming Tree Wellness.

The purpose of this site is to document, educate and raise awareness for all the charity projects that we undertake, from cradle to grave. I don’t believe in blindly donating to faceless charities or large corporations where I don’t get to see the end result. I will research, chose a charity/cause that can be completed with my help, raise money to support it and then travel to the location and implement it with my own bare hands. All of the journeys will be recorded and posted here for people to follow and enjoy. Every dollar or moment spent will be recorded and shown. True accountability and real life experience. No fake reality or scripted tv.

Random acts of kindness are also a great way in which anyone can contribute to a better, kinder world.